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 Post subject: Wrath Loot Rules 2.0 for real... pug?
 Post Posted: Dec 31, '09 2:11 pm 
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We use a random roll loot system. It has some rules to it but is pretty much as simple as that.

Rule 1 - There will be some gear that will be restricted this time around. Mainly trinkets and weapons. We won't be doing it for all just mainly the ones that are harder to get/most major upgrades.

Rule 1a - In a situation where the item has been restricted, The item will only be able to be rolled on by a group of people selected by Officers in the raid. The item will not just be given to someone. Officers will select a random number of people who have shown they actually want to put in the effort to progress, not only in 25s but 10s aswell. This will give incentive to actually complete full versions of other content.

Rule 2 - Know your upgrades, It is beyond frustrating trying to get this gear out and having people tell you to hold on or that they need to punch numbers. After the 2-3 week, you need to know what drops in there and make a list of what is actually an upgrade now for you. Like pretend the instance was on farm, what you would want by the end of it not what you want now. This might also save you from having to roll on every piece of cloth/leather/mail/plate just because its new. Some of you have absolutely no clue what is good for you. Just because it has more strength/armor/ilvl doesn't always mean its the best upgrade for you.

Rule 3 - If you dc more than 1-2 times in one boss fight. You don't get to roll. The reason behind this is. You didn't even fight the boss. You were offline the whole fight. Unless no one wants the items you shouldn't be rolling anyway you greedy bastard.

Rule 4 - This is a very important rule. And something you all need to pay attention too. If it is an alternative raid and it is being led by Fanboi in any respect alt/other person character just /roll but mains in that raid will have a handicap if they so choose. You get one roll. If you roll so if you /roll that counts. But if you are main you can /random 125. This gives mains a chance to beat an alt with a 100 roll. And gives you more of a chance to win in the RNG world. It also gives those alts in alternatives a chance to actually get gear and not get dicked by the random mains that roll thru our raids every 3-4 weeks. Rule 1 also applies in alternative runs.

* also check to see if these rules will be followed. If it is not run by Fanboi and you think you can roll a 125 it is your fault not the person leading if you did not check.

Rule 5 - If we bring people from other guilds, these rules also apply to them. They will have the opportunity to /roll on all loot.

Rule 6 - IN the event of a tie, you have the option of rerolling for all the people who have tied. This will be called out by the Raid Leader. If you so choose you may battle-bot it out assuming there are atleast two people with them in the raid.

Rule 7 - No excuses, If your RNG sucks talk to blizzard. I will not care.

To know when to roll you will need to pay attention after a boss is downed, or when loot is being distributed.

You will know when your item is up for rolling when you see:

[Raid][Fanboi]: need [Phat loot off Internet Dragon]
[Raid][Fanboi]: 5
[Raid][YourMain]: has rolled 77 (1-125)
[Raid][Fanboi]: 4
[Raid][GayAlt]: has rolled 75 (1-100)
[Raid][Fanboi]: 3
[Raid][Somemain]: has rolled 78 (1-100)
[Raid][Fanboi]: 2
[Raid][Fanboi]: 1
[Raid][Fanboi]: final

Between the countdowns you are able to roll. All rolls after final are ignored and null.

If no one rolls during the countdown you are able to type: off. Then /roll.

Saying off means “Offset”, so it’s an alternative set. It goes along the same line as alts. So your vote would count the same as an alt in the main raid.

There are exceptions for this as some people in guild play certain chars for certain fights to help the guild. Like if we need a resist tank for one fight, or a player for a certain spec. Also if we are short on healers they bring their healer, or dps if we are short on that. These people are exempt from these rules. You will find most of them would pass to others anyway.

The best part of our loot system is the option to pass when you win. In this game yes the primary thing you’re going after is phat loot. But, when you can say hey… what I have is good enough for now and pass to others that have less or hey this is an upgrade but not exactly the right upgrade for my spec. You are not only being a great guildy but also a good person. There are going to be times when passing might not be the best idea especially to someone who doesn’t raid all the time. But, again it is your choice as high roller.

Know what a boss drops that you could possibly use. And know who you are rolling against. Talk amongst each other and maybe you can decide a trade agreement for rolls. Where they don’t roll on that item until you have it and you won’t roll on another until they get what they want. Or something along those lines.

Because our system is roll based. Please do not cry, qq and/or whine about not getting loot. L2Roll. Based on this system it is hard to point the blame at us as leaders because your random ability to roll sucks dick. Yes we would love to give loot to everyone and wish to do so in time. But in all honesty the more you show up. The better your odds of winning those rolls are.

If someone is rolling on things that aren’t exactly for their class. IE a holy pally rolling on a spell crit trinket with on dmg proc. And dps still need it. I will object the roll and give it to the dps’er. So do keep in mind watch what you are rolling for. If no one wants or needs it’s practically free game.

All in all, we try to be as fair about loot as possible. We expect you to do the same.

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